faves, stackable ring edition

i have been inspired by a few bloggers who have shared a few of their favorite things. kristineats shared hers nicely and today i'm sharing some...
1. White Gold Stackable by Lana Olivia on Bloomingdales
2. Delicate Drops by BBJUD on Etsy
3. Copper and Silver by colleenmauerdesigns on Etsy
4. Fresh Greens by KiraFerrer on Etsy
5. Gold Plated on Overstock
6. Moonlight on Water by KiraFerrer on Etsy
7. Marcasite Stacks by Judith Jack on Nordstrom
8. Tress Stackables by Gorjana on ShopBop
9. Bubble on Overstock Jewelry
10. Stackable Gems on Robindira Unsworth
11. Luminous by KiraFerrer on Etsy
12. Lakshmi on Robindira Unsworth
13. Contemporary Ring Trio by SeventhWillow on Etsy
14. Sterling Silver Brown Diamond on Overstock
15. Stackables by Gorjana on ShopBop


  1. LOVE these stackable rings, Kelly! I keep wondering where I could find some fun ones without spending a fortune. :)

  2. glad you liked, that makes me happy! :D