estate sale heaven...

a mix of light-meters, cameras and more

what a day! i love a good find and so do a few people i know, so today was an estate sale kinda day. we got a break from the rain we've been having and at the end of today's rainbow was a house full of cameras and every type of camera part, more circuitry finds than I knew existed, a dark room and every supply ever needed, and some odds and ends that tickled my fancy.

I think I found a few great items...

okay, so i found a vintage toshiba a.c. electric fan. i haven't been able to find any information on the fan yet so i am hoping that means it is one of a kind and even more special than i thought. and guess how much i got it for??? yes, the price tag says $65 but i was given the amazing deal of $15!!!

vintage toshiba a.c. electric fan
then i found a mix of odds and ends that get me excited about making jewelry and repurposing.

i found some old keys, circuitry pieces to use for chain/jewelry making, fuse tins to re-purpose into pill boxes, small nuts and washers to use in jewelry making as well. oh the fun!

another mans treasure is definitely mine as well!

all in all i can't wait for a estate jewelry sale next weekend. shoot! i think i'm hooked!

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