i love to bake! i am pretty sure i have said this before.

a group of girls and i meet up every thursday, and i really don't like meeting up with friends empty handed so...i decided that i was going to make something with the frozen cranberries i have had since november! well, i decided to try two other recipes from joy the baker. of course, cranberries will come later ;p

i have loved joy's blog for quite some time and every now and again i grab a recipe of hers to try.

so here it goes for apricot cornmeal cookies and raspberry almond bread...

i have little patience, especially with all of the patience i have had to have in my life lately, it don't have it in baking! so i didn't chill the cookie dough completely and they still came out fabulous. and i make shortcuts quite a bit in baking. i used half whole grain flour in the bread and frozen raspberries instead of fresh ones (cheaper and you can bake the bread any time of year!). definitely a different consistency but i really liked it, and the fact that almost all of both plates were gone within 2 1/2 hours proves they were tasty, right? ;p

both recipes were huge hits! thank you joy the baker for helping me keep my friends happy :p

also check out joy the baker on facebook too!

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  1. I read something recently that saying "Yum" is old news - but I don't care - YUM!!! I wish I was a friend living close enough to stop by and steal a slice!