so i don't know how this is creative, but it is definitely unlatched.

i have ventured into the world of online dating.

yes, it is as weird as one may think.

if you like thinking of men (or women) as a flavor of ice cream, then this is for you.

if you like feeling like you, yourself, are being picked like a puppy at a pet store...whelp you will love it!

me, on the other hand, can only feel great about judging 350 people for a couple weeks. yea, i guess i can judge a little easier and longer than i thought.and, yes, you read it right. 350 people have flashed before my eyes in the last month. overwhelmed much?

i kind of feel like i am whoring myself out. look at me, i'm super fun and really date-able! i'm not even taking this thing too seriously. i'm low key, only crazy 3/4 of the time, and i only like cats sometimes...dogs are cool too! really date-able people...really.

what has the world come to when a 27 year old female can't get a date the conventional way? i really think there is something wrong with this world...really wrong!

i have experienced the success of a first date, and the failure of a first date.

i have emailed a 28-year old, hawaiian shirt wearing,  geek who i would have contemplated dating if he had another shirt option...really? REALLY? not.my.speed. i like to give people a shot, but i really need to be honest with myself...i won't want to...aheeeemmm..."know someone" who only wears hawaiian shirts.

i went on a date with an accountant who i convinced myself would had more spice than was portrayed in the bland emails he wrote. HA! i thought i couldn't read the guy, but quickly learned he really didn't have anything else to "read". what i saw was what i was going to get...for.e.ver...

the successful date (as in he was sociable, cute, and funny) ended after date two with a conversation in the mix of how picky he was...really? whelp i'm not a stick thin, blonde haired, big boobed (okay i am that) kind of girl so i was sure that relationship wouldn't go anywhere.

i have decided that dating isn't my thing. and online dating is definitely not my thing!

i'm not a flavor, i'm not something to "try".

when someone wants to cut the shit and ask me on a real legitimate date i might think about it. until then i think i am going to hang up my dating hat.

one month of this and i got it out of my system.

unlatched it is!

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