i did it!

I made bread, yes. the yeasty, rising, ooey gooey kind. isn't she beautiful!

i'm late on the post, but better late then never on boasting of my bread making skills. well, sort of skills.

during the holidays my favorite thing to do is bake. everything from a pumpkin cheesecake for thanksgiving to now, challah bread for Easter.

i made challah bread (the good housekeeping cookbook), hot cross buns (adapted from joy of baking) and a few days after a wholewheat rosemary bread (adapted from fabulousfoods.com) . all, more than tasty! there is no post picture for the hot cross buns, but that is a sure sign of a bustling day of baking and night of eating. here are a few of the process:

the process: 
everything from separating ingredients for incorporation, 
temping liquids and a lot of rising dough.

i don't have me kneading dough in these images but there was a lot of that too!

I officially love baking bread! not the quick bread, easy kind; but, the laborious, i made an amazing masterpiece kind :D

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