happy birthday to me!

not only do i like to unlatch my creativity, but i have friends who love to do the same!

my wonderful friend dina has a fabulous job as a pastry chef at a great san diego cafe/restaurant called zanzibar. she is more than talented because she showers all of her friends with good treats! and since i turned 27 on the fool's day (the 1st) she made me a carrot cake!

now i love carrot cake. i have eaten a few carrot cakes in my life and, well, this one topped them all!

thank you dina and keep unlatching that creativity!

dina also has a food blog where she continues to unlatch everything food, friends and life.

check her out >>>

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  1. awhhh this is the sweetest!! I LOVE YOU KELLIE!!! IM SO GLAD U LOVE THE CAKE!!!