...i have not been unlatching my creativity lately.

tisk, tisk...

so, for motivation i have compiled a list of 5 things i MUST do before the new year comes.


so i am ashamed i haven't pick up a brush for...i can't say it...over a year. i am ashamed so please don't remind me. remind me to paint, but not how long it has been...

2. go to a concert or music festival

something else that has been a few months since...what can i say, life has been borning...but oh so NOT boring.

3. write a poem

okay, this one is WAY out of my comfort zone. AND if i want to get really crazy that means i have to post it...should i get crazy???

4. sketch

sketching is the exercise for art. without out sketching your craft dies. mine is dying...

5. learn a FULL song on my guitar

no, i will NOT post that. see my face? bright red! yea not so great with the amount of nerves involved in public performance...not great...not great...

what are you going to do to get your creativity unlatched?

let it loose!

Girl with a Kitten (1947)
Lucian Freud - American
Oil on canvas
50.9 x 40.4 cm

Young Girl in Front of a Window (1930)
Suzanne Valadon - French
Oil on canvas

San Diego Museum of Art


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