whole living - and my love of martha stewart

I have discovered a magazine i really love.

I am someone who admittedly likes Martha Stewart. Yes, at 27 I like Martha. I have liked Martha since, probably, middle school.

Old habits die hard so they say...

But seriously, her knew magazine Whole Living is chock full of goodies!

Every once and a while i peruse the website and find goodies to make, exercises I want to try when I get my doctors okay, and everyday tidbits to glean.

In today's email was a link to Mood Boosting Yoga. I thought all yoga was mood boosting, but i guess this stuff really does the trick.

Personally, any activity where at the end you get to lay down, breath deep and relax is a winner in my book :)

Check out the site, grab a free trial of the magazine and ENJOY!

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