okay, i've been on a hiatus.

i have a bad hip and sometimes it motivates me to do nothing, well except all the cooking i've been doing.

and eating...

let's start with all of the summer vegetable growing in abundance right now! holy tomatoes and squash!

i have made:

pasta-less zucchini
homemade turkey meat sauce
spaghetti squash pesto "pasta"

and then there is the grilled naan. i have to say it was amazing right off the grill.

i'm on this health kick now too, which i hope is a new lifestyle, so the fresh veggies have been a god-send. i can go out my backdoor and grab veggies for any meal of the day!

after major hip surgery, weaning off of pain meds, and the 30 pounds or so that magically appeared *after i ate my way through withdrawals and comfort for anxiety*; i am done treating my body poorly. i still can't exercise (due to my damn hip), but with eating healthy and watching portion sizes i am down 20, yes TWENTY, pounds. i have a *few* more to go, but i will take this start!

this last year has been very discouraging. nothing in my life has gone easy. family, health, financial, work...etc. stressers have abounded. it is hard to function at a high level when life is crumbling around you. i am the oh so sadistic person who holds things together without letting a soul into the turmoil in my head. i know you can relate, right?

well here i am saying it i can't do it alone. and i hope that you don't either.

thankfully my reliance doesn't solely come from my efforts or the efforts of others (which having a community is crucial), both have failed me. but my hope comes from the unseen. from the giver of life. in a world that is more than i can handle, my slice of sanity only comes from my hope in Jesus Christ. thank God i don't have to do this alone.

take refuge in the hope of the unseen, because what i have seen of this world is faulty and fades quickly.

i know, i know, i hit a heavy note...

life is heavy sometimes and my life has been heavy.

glimmers of hope help keep my life a little lighter though :)

enjoy the rest of this summer; basking in the sun, grilling, and enjoying lazy sundays with friends and family.

yours truly

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