terrarium time!

i finally did it. i talked about it a very long time ago, and i finally accomplished a fabulous terrarium...

 i keep finding containers around the house to put terrariums in...this could get ugly...i might need a terrarium intervention.

if you want the same problem it is really easy.

all you need to grab is:
a container to put your terrarium in
charcoal for drainage and smell control
rocks for decor and drainage
dirt to let your terrarium survive
moss to your hearts content 

and any other little odds and ends or plants that you want to add to your self contained greenhouse

a few things you should know about a terrarium before getting started:

moss is not a big fan of sunlight so keep your terrarium out of the sun

depending on if your terrarium is an open jar or a closed jar, you might not even have to water. just keep an eye on it to make sure it is just damp enough and not getting dried out

charcoal is needed to keep drainage up and smells down, be sure to get charcoal

don't be alarmed when you find dry moss to buy. all you have to do is add water and it is back in business, so be sure to soak your dry moss before you want to get your terrarium started.

add your charcoal first

setting up your terrarium:
charcoal first, then rocks, and then add dirt and other rocks in any pattern and order you like

then add your moss and tidbits to your liking

and voila! you have a terrarium!

happy planting!

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