weight for it...

yes, you read that right.

to be honest, i have struggled with...ahhh, it's so hard to say...my weight for a while. i am 5 months post-op from major hip surgery and that alone is reason enough to gain weight. i was on heavy pain meds for 8 months straight, not very active for about the same and the weight jumped on my bones and the pounds are finally leaving!!!

okay, how does this have anything to do with being creative?!?

well, if you've been reading i've been posting a lot about food, mainly breakfast. if i'm not motivated i ain't eating right, or loosing weight. if i am not being creative with spices, flavors and color i don't want to to cook or eat it.

what are your favorite spices and foods to cook with? how do you not get bored with what you've got in your cupboard?

to keep you creative with your food here is one of my favorite combo of spices...try it!

fresh garlic
chili powder
a dash of cinnamon
salt and pepper

super simple and oh so tasty! perfect for everything from soup, chicken or veggies.

okay, and who loves this spice wall and organization technique? i do! check it out here >>>

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