a birthday kind of list...

i am not the best at receiving gifts but, i love to give them! my birthday is coming up and people always ask, mainly my mom and sister, what i want. this post is for you two :D

the list...the birthday one that is...

item 1. stainless steel mixing bowls 

i like these ones but have no clue if they'd work for me. super good looking though, right!?!

i can always use more of this stuff!

item 5. stationary

i love writing letters now and this stationary would add nicely to my collection...maybe you'll be getting the next note!

now, i would buy every single thing on this list for myself. they all make me perk up when i think about them. so, if you so feel inclined to shower me with more than love, you know what tickles my fancy ;p

oh and if that certain someone, whoever you are, still feel so inclined you can get me this >>>

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