i just watched the film exit through the gift shop. to be honest this is either a big ploy or this is one of the saddest stories, of a lost soul, i have ever seen.

thierry guetta (mr. brainwash) starts out as a man scarred by an early death of his mother. his mother's death has moved him to capture every moment of his life on film. this passion turns obsession for capturing and taking part in some of the leading street artists at the time; invader, bansky and shepard fairey. his cousin, invader, gains him these connections which leads to MBW and a free-for-all, crazy stint at mass producing hundreds of pieces of art.

whether MBW is a hoax or not, doubt it, i still equate him to be the thomas kinkaide of the pop art/guerrilla art world. its so sad that this hype can breed such scurry...


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