beautiful losers...

studying art in college created in me an intimidated, unsure, embarrassed artist. feelings of never being good enough at what i did and knowing that there was always someone better than me crushed my dreams of doing anything in art. i never knew that my self-esteem was quite as low as it was, but looking back i realize that the unsure me was more than anything, lacking self-confidence.

every once and a while i get a glimmer of hope that i'm capable, that people have paved the way for people like me to produce what i consider art. the fact of the matter is that we produce art out of who we are...we are artists.

i just finished the film beautiful losers, and was reminded of the place where us artists come from. even if our stories are different, we still get the satisfaction out of creating. i am definitely not a punky, angsty 13 year-old who explored art out of the rebellion of the mainstream; but i am an artist nonetheless.

please take a peak at the film and some of the amazing artists who have paved the way for what we now know of advertising, pop art and our culture. this group of artists have ultimately shaped where i get my influence, being schooled (in more way than one) in art in the early 2000's.


steve "espo" powers

ed templeton
toy machine

deanna templeton

you can pick up the book about the traveling art show
 of these influential artists here>>>

beautiful losers trailer>>>

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