let's give thanks...

for pie, and more pie...and turkey! i love the holiday (lets be honest, Christmas) season. there is more sugar and joy to go around than any other time of the year. i love to putts around in the kitchen and what better way than to bake an apple pie, a pumpkin cheescake and bake the most amazing bird one has ever tasted.

on to apple pie!

i love an apple pie that encloses a large poundage of apples...

i then chill my monument of american tradition...

and bake it to perfection!

now, i have never baked a turkey before, but i was recruited this year by my mother...i was unnerved to...fondle...a turkey, but alas, i was determined to make this the best turkey anyone has ever had...in my family that is.

i washed it, lathered it in salt and pepper, AND stuffed butter, sage and rosemary under it's skin. best. decision. ever. i'd say she tasted as good as she looked...or is it a he???

and who doesn't like a good looking table while eating yourself into a coma?

and alas, a holiday is not yet complete without the devouring of such treats, coffee to sustain you through the the evening and multiple rounds of scrabble!

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