bake it off...

i love baking. its instant gratification and you can have a masterpiece within thirty minutes. 

my first masterpiece of the evening happened to be the most amazingly tasty sugar crusted ginger chewies. the recipe comes from a blog i like to check in on called joy the baker. she has fabulous recipes and fun anecdotes pertaining to everything she bakes.
mix it, mix it good
i love my kitchenaid...

nummy balls of molassesy,
sugary goodness

they taste as good as they look
the chewies are just crisp enough on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside...a perfect combo!

my second feat was a recipe for a blueberry streusel muffin. i couldn't possibly follow a recipe completely so i created cherry streusel muffins! replaced blueberries with cherries and even split the milk, half milk, half sour cream. lets just say they are pretty tasty!

cherries, streusal and muffin oh my!
these will be gone before i know it

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