So...I have never been that much of a writer, but I have always had this dream that I was some profound novelist who could masterfully write some epic novel. All the ideas are in my head, but solidly confound to such a place.

I run into situations, have dreams and crazy ideas that, I guess, would become etched in time if I actually wrote some of them out. So here we go...it is time to UNLATCH my CREATIVITY.

Oh, and by the way. One thing I love to do is communicate to other drivers their minor imperfections in driving skill, by using my horn. Every post will be numbered. This number is not a conventional 1-x type of numbering system, but a "how many times did I lay on my horn today" kind of system.

Today I did not spend more than 20 minutes in the car and i had a person who clearly did not know what lane they wanted to be in. They quickly merged mere inches in front of my bumper as they decided they no longer wanted to be in THEIR turn LANE...it was great!

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  1. so maybe people aren't as horrific on the freeway as i make them out to be...maybe. I'm trying to take the stance of figure out where they're going/coming from, trying to figure out their story...makes for a more interesting car ride at least :)